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Cyber Signals Feb 2024

💪 Read the latest #AI threat intelligence from @Microsoft Security and get square on how AI is both a tool for cybercriminals 😱 but also a #1 tool to identify and block those threats early.

Knowledge is power. 💪 Download and read the latest #AI threat intelligence from @Microsoft Security. 👉

Azure AI Studio Demo

What’s the ideal platform for developers to build, test and deploy #AIinnovations at scale?

Here’s how #AIStudio from @Microsoft-Azure empowers developers to seamlessly navigate the complexities of #generativeAI and deliver superior #UX.


Read the customer story to learn how eSentire MDR delivered superior visibility, correlation, and protection from cloud-specific threats, 24/7 detection, and expert support that enabled Venerable to stay ahead of cyber threats. DM us to discuss how eSentire can help your organization achieve comprehensive threat response, visibility improvement and endpoint protection. @eSentire

New Technology: The Projected Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Your ability to integrate and adopt advanced #AI technologies hinges on the strength and agility of your infrastructure. @Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform delivers a projected ROI of 95% – 232%. How else do you benefit? Download your complimentary copy of @Forrester’s TEI report for findings on projected cost savings and other quantified business benefits.

Cyber Signals Feb 2024

Cyberattackers are learning to up their game with help from AI and social engineering. In this eBook from @Microsoft, you’ll learn best practices for preventing attacks and keeping your company safe.